Friday, 5 September 2014

Nine rules every kid (especially mine) need to know.

1) If Led Zeppelin every happens to come on the radio we quiet down so Mum can sing along to it. We do NOT start having a very loud hissy fit about a broken elastic band.

2) Boobs belong to the person to which they are attached. They are NOT for sharing and, specifically, we do not walk up to Gran, grab one in each hand and yell "HONK HONK".

3) When Mum is driving, do not start a punch up with your sibling on the back seat. This may cause Mum to accidentally jam her foot down on the accelerator and swerve wildly across the road while she tries to break up the fight. Mum does not want Mr Police Man giving her a right royal telling off and a big fine again thank you.

4) No one needs to know that Mum has "just made a big smelly". Ever.

5) We do not ask why that lady has such a big bottom within earshot of the lady with the big bottom. Even if we happen to like big bottoms.

6) If we don't like our vitamin tablets we do not hide them in nooks and crannies all over the house. When it gets hot they will melt into an icky poo coloured mess that smells all yeasty and freaks everyone out trying to figure out what the heck that icky poo-brown stuff is. Just eat the blinking things.

7) That bag of chocolate and lollies hidden on the top shelf of the pantry is not breakfast.

8) Mum's tomatoes do not need "watering" every time you get out of the car. If you've hung on for the entire journey home you can hang on another 30 seconds until the front door is unlocked and you can "water" the toilet instead thank you very much.

9) Vegetables are not poison. We do not tell our teacher that Mum fed us poison last night. Peas will not kill you. Mum might if you don't eat them.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Focus On Life 2014 : Week 35

August's Focus : Outside

Week 35 : Lazy Days of Summer

Spring is in full swing in my neck of the woods.

Warm days, cold nights and cloud bursts encouraging little green shoots to emerge from the ground and blossoms to burst from bare branches.

Promises of a hot summer to come whilst the other half of the world is enjoying the heat of the summer slowly transitioning to the glorious riot of colour that Autumn brings.

I've been chasing restful, repleneshing sleep for a while now and have not been joining in with the focus on life group as much as I'd like, but a wee burst of energy saw me take my two little imps to the lakes for a bike ride yesterday.

It was a particularly glorious day and we were treated to a lake full of beautiful model boats. Powered by the wind, they glided silently across the cold waters in a display of effortless elegance.

A timeless moment that could have just as easily taken place in any of the last four decades.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Recycle Your Empty Cans

One of the things I'd really like to change at home is the quantity of rubbish we create weekly.

Our two big offenders are plastic bottles (milk) and cans (my better half can't be without his fizzy). So I thought I'd have a little browse around the net and find some creative re-use of our rubbish starting with cans.

Monday, 30 June 2014

ScanWritr - Bring your paper work into the 21st Century

Take a look at the promo for this very slick app with so many uses and then scroll down for a bunch of freebies that Vanaia are kindly offering (be quick though, there's only a limited supply).

Details about this fantastic app can be found at:

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Focus On Life 2014 - Week 24

June's Focus: Finding the Fun in Photography

Week Twenty Three : Have FUN!

I've been arguing with a very persistent and angry pair of tonsils for the past three weeks and haven't felt much like blogging (or doing anything for that matter).

But the focus that Sally chose for June is enough to jiggle my inner child to the fore and brave the wild wind and torrential rain (...well, actually I waited for niceish weather) to play with macro on my lil' point and shoot. Here's a piccie of our car (giggle):