Saturday, 26 October 2013

6th Do Over Challenge Reveal!

Welcome to the 6th Do Over Challenge hosted by mixed media artist extraordinaire Jeannie K Dukik of Jewelry by Jeannie.

For this Challenge, Jeannie sent 20 lucky participants a piece of jewelry to make over. Check out the beautiful packaging!

Just love that beautiful little polymer clay tag and the beautiful handmade little envelope. I was also lucky enough to receive a pretty little pair of earrings along with the do-over piece. They nearly stayed intact 'cos I loved them so!

And here is the piece destined for a make-over:

What a beauty! Look at the gorgeous earthy colours and the fancy pants pendant!

I had exactly the same trouble last time - I liked the piece so much that I did not want to dismantle it.

Then I came up with a very over-ambitious plan involving dragons and some serious seed beading. Got thus far and my brain shut down:

You can see I got my Vintaj Patinas out and aged that gorgeous pendant. Very pleased with the results I was too. The holes were intended to help the seed bead dragon get a good grip on it and to add some extra interest.

Unfortunately my imagination and my actual skills set are worlds apart.

Seed bead dragon abandonned I decided to make something that I've been meaning to make since last summer - a nice, dangly anklet.

So on a particularly cold day, my beautiful daughter and I snuggled up on my big bed and covered it in beads, findings and tools (and lots of hot tea).

I gave my daughter a packet of headpins and told her to put whatever she liked on them. And then I turned them into dangles and attached them to the chain of the necklace.

And so to our finished anklet:

It's messy, it's fun, it's made with a lot of love and now my perfect girl and I are fighting over who get's to wear it! We decided to call it "Magic Carpet Ride" after a song that was playing on the radio while we were creating.

You can see that we used the beads from the earrings and virtually the entire necklace plus a few other beads and charms that my daughter took a shine to. I think she made beautiful dangles!

As for the pendant? Well I still had special plans for that. It antiqued so beautifully that I wanted something more rustic for it. So with the one remaining bead from the necklace patina'd and used as a toggle bar I created this bracelet that I like to call "I'm not as old as I look" :

And a close up:

Many thanks to Jeannie for her generosity and for hosting this fantastic blog hop. Please be sure to pop over to the other participant's blogs to see their do-over pieces:

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(I had a little trouble getting the list of links to cooperate, so if they don't work then you can find a list of participants with working links here.)

Oh and I nearly forgot! If you fancy taking a do-over challenge yourself then clickon the pic below for more details.



  1. Hi Nelly,
    I love the anklet and it is even more special, because your girl helped make it. I like what you did with the pendant, although I really like what you started to do with it in the first picture. Great job.

  2. Thanks Therese, I really liked the way it was originally going too. There's a very good chance I'll pick up where I left off and have it as a long term WIP while I learn the skills I need.

  3. Hey Nelly,
    What a gorgeous anklet. I love that you got your daughter involved in creating this beauty. Getting my blog up now :)

  4. Your seed bead dragon intrigued me, but the end result in very unique indeed. The anklet is fun. I especially like the dangles your daughter made.

  5. Great job Nelly. An anklet is a fun idea. You are passing on your skills to your daughter at a young age, how cool is that? She did a good job choosing beads. Your pendant bracelet is really unique.

  6. Very creative and unique. I love that your daughter helped you with it. She picked very nice beads that really complemented the original ones. And I never thought of changing the focal like you did...brilliant idea!

  7. What a great idea to alter the focal- and then kick it up to a whole new level! Love that the anklet was done with your daughter- lots of special memories in that piece. Christie

  8. Great idea to make an anklet. I love the idea of getting your daughter to "randomize" the dangles. And the bracelet is great. Like the shield you might use if you met that dragon!

  9. I think it's great that you and your girl created the anklet together. And, the name of it is so appropriate. It almost looks like y'all were on a magic carpet ride on that bed together too spending some creative time together. And the name of your bracelet makes me smile as well. Nicely done.

  10. I had the same problem. I just loved one of the necklaces that I was sent so it was hard to take it apart. Great designs and I just love the memories that come complete with the anklet.

  11. We ALL had the same problem...Jeannie's pieces are just too cool to relish taking them apart! However, I think you and your sweet girl did a wonderful job with the anklet, and I agree that she made wonderful dangles. Super job!

  12. What a great story and memory the anklet will make. Maybe you need to make a copy of the post for you and your daughter's memory box! great job.

  13. Great job in using all of the beads, and tell your daughter that she did a fabulous job designing the danglies! I love the bracelet as well, and the patina looks fabulous with the chocolate brown linen. :) Molly

  14. Love the "Magic" Bracelet. My daughter has moved out on her own and I soooo miss her helping me with my crafts You guys did a great job! And the pendant....I love it. Great title too! Thanks for posting!

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