Sunday, 15 June 2014

Focus On Life 2014 - Week 24

June's Focus: Finding the Fun in Photography

Week Twenty Three : Have FUN!

I've been arguing with a very persistent and angry pair of tonsils for the past three weeks and haven't felt much like blogging (or doing anything for that matter).

But the focus that Sally chose for June is enough to jiggle my inner child to the fore and brave the wild wind and torrential rain (...well, actually I waited for niceish weather) to play with macro on my lil' point and shoot. Here's a piccie of our car (giggle):

And a couple more of the pretty drops:


A bit closer :
Macro is my funnest thing to do with a camera, and while I do have an SLR with a big 'ol macro lens I find it too cumbesome to be fun to use despite the glorious shots it takes.
My little point n shoot and my phone might not take the clearest pictures but they can be carried almost everywhere and whipped out in an instant and they are just that mmuch more fun to use.
I'm looking forward to see what fun everyone else has had:



  1. Love the raindrops! You really made the most of that macro!

  2. Gorgeous photos - especially the very close up ones!
    It is amazing how much little point n shoot cameras can do, isn't it??

  3. Love the picture of your car in the drop of water. Fabulous shot.

  4. My son gave me an SLR and is always asking me where it is when I pull I my tiny camera.... What is the pink and green branch the the drops are on? Love the picture of your car!

  5. The colors in your photos are amazing. Just love the purplish hues. I still have my tonsils too although they are pretty quiet. Hope yours calm down!

  6. your photos are freakin amazing! Wowzers! What kind of camera are you using? I would love to know. I am in desperate need of a new one and I would be happy with a point & shoot. I have a nice camera now but have dropped it recently and scratched the lens. Although I can get away with still using it - sometimes that scratch shows and makes it really difficult.
    If you wouldn't mind sharing what model you use, I would be really grateful! Beautiful colors and details!


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