Saturday, 15 June 2013

Friday's Fave Three

I've had cruddy germs this week but thanks to my beautiful better half I've actually been allowed to stay in bed to recover. The last time that happened was the first few days after my youngest was born! Wow it makes so much difference to have that time to fight off yucky flu.

In between sleeping and loudly complaining of feeling cruddy I've been meandering around the internet, just having a looky-see, no particular purpose in mind. And these are my three favourite picks of the week:

Beautiful and unusual beading patterns and kits. Just that little bit different from most of the patterns I've come across. On my birthday list!

Ever struggle for colour combinations? This site has some wonderful palettes as well as the pictures that inspired them.

Full of jaw-dropping stuff. Wouldn't even know where to begin. I guarantee you'll lose yourself in this site.


Have a great weekend. Now if my tonsils would just kindly return to their normal size I'll be one happy camper.


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  1. The owls are the cutest... Have a great weekend and I hope the tonsils get back to normal.


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