Friday, 9 May 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 19

Nutty week this week.

I have no pictures and I have a school Principal that I want to yell at but I have done a fair bit of decluttering so just a quick report to touch base with my fellow de-cluttererers.

Frantic last minute bead-soup finishing touches had me searching for some soldered jump rings that I just could not find - and this prompted some major de-cluttering of "ooh that might come in handy" boxes.

You know the boxes I mean - they start life as empty shoe boxes and gradually get filled with tiny found things, old and broken jewellery, strange metal doohickeys, rubber o-rings, orphan beads and anything that "may" come in handy for some project that hasn't even been thought of yet.

Shoe-box gets progressively bigger and more shoe-boxes join the collection until that thing that you once saved for an occasion just like this can no longer be found.

Chaos has moved onto our dining table as I sort through things that can go to recycling, things that really should have been thrown away long ago, things that can go to charity and things that can stay.

All work is at full stop for final bead-souping at the moment though.

Hubby is going to go spare if I don't deal with the dining table chaos soon though!


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  1. The Art House Co-Op project this week is to make a collage of found things. You could have a blast. I have not signed up for it yet, but I do have a box or two with that kind of stuff, so maybe I should. LOL


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