Saturday, 18 October 2014

JDK's 8th Do Over Challenge

Welcome to the 8th Do Over Challenge reveal!


This wonderful blog hop is hosted by the multi-talented Jeannie K Dukic, who generously sends each participant a piece of her handmade jewellery, an item that Jeannie is not quite happy with, and we are tasked to give it a complete make-over.

Be sure to pop on over to Jeannie's store to have a gander at her beautiful handmade components and lots of other lovely goodies.
Here's the beautiful earring and necklace set I was sent.
A close up of the earrings so you can see how pretty the little handmade resin and dried flower components are. I am so in love with these!
I had something in mind that I wanted to do with the flowers and I knew exactly what I was going to do with the vibrant fuscia quartz squares so I spent a long, LONG, time working with the other components.
I painstakingly shaped wire into individul links and carefully wire-wrapped the beads into each link. Then each link is connected to the next with 4 jump-rings and I hand-formed a clasp from wire before finally popping it into some LoS for a bit of antiquing.
It was intended to be a fancy-shmancy bracelet. But it just did not want to play fair!
The jump rings reacted differently to the LoS and went a bizarre colour and the whole thing refused to hang right on the wrist. I held it up to the window with a sigh of despair and ....
"Ooh!" I thought. "I like that!"
So I re-patina'd with inks to get a more even colour and added a couple of dangles to the bottom. My "forest vine" now dangles happily from my window.
I couldn't capture the whole thing in it's natural, dangly state but here it is all curled up for your inspection.
Finally I could get to working on the little quartz squares. These were bouncing around yelling "earrings" and "retro" at me.
One pair I coupled with some rock crystal spears and lovely, bright fine silver wire.
Very pleased with these.
And the second pair I used the silver wire to add a sixties feel.
Now onto the piece I am most pleased with, even though it's not finished by a long shot!
I had big plans for those pretty little dried flower components and wanted to use my very limited supply of sterling silver wire. So rather than test my design with the expensive stuff I used parawire to build a prototype.
I spent so much time faffing around with my trucelent bracelent / window dangler that even though I was extremely pleased with how my prototype has turned out I haven't had enough time to make the "real" piece with the sterling wire yet.
So as you look at the next pictures, try to imagine it in silver hanging from a lacy black crochet chocker without the coil spacers.
These are some of my favourite makes of late.
Thank you Jeannie, I have been having so much fun with this.
Now to go and visit the wonderful makes of the other participants. Thanks for popping by!

8th Do Over Participants :



  1. Very nice!!! I love your "vine" and I am realllly digging the last set with the flower pendants. Excellent job!

  2. Hi Nelly May,
    I can tell you had fun working with the components from the necklace and earrings Jeannie sent to you. It is always great when something turns out to be something completely different from what you intended and that you like it more the way it turned out. That is one cool window dancer. I really like the way the necklace turned out with the colored wire. I know that it is just a prototype, but the color you used really makes the color of the flowers pop.

  3. Hi Penny, Your new window dangler is way cool. The pink squares made great earrings. Your necklace is wonderful. I think the colored wire really draws the eye to the lovely resin flower components. I don't think I would remake it.

  4. I left a comment here early this morning, but I don't see it. I don't want you to think I did not leave one.

    1. Don't worry Jeannie, I know you wouldn't skip anyone.
      I've had a few people mention that their comments have not shown up - blogger seems mighty buggy at the moment. I'm seriously considering swapping to wordpress despite all the inconvenience it would entail.

  5. Hi, I rather like your necklace the way it is, with the red coil spacers! I'll be back to see the sterling silver version.
    By the way, I changed my blog address last week, in case you would like to update the Challenge Link
    (Louise Glazier -now - Jewelry Treasures by Louise):

  6. I just love the pieces you made! Your "window dressing" is gorgeous and I can see how much work went into it! Your retro earrings are so fun, especially with that hot pink, and your final piece is stunning, even in the 'unfinished' state. Fabulous job!

  7. I love the links you've made. Very clever. Love the retro earrings too. I'd totally wear those!

  8. What great and varied designs! I really like your window sparkly. It was meant to be even though you didn't have that idea in mind. And I really like the last set and I don't know if I would redo it into sterling as red and black highlight the beads so nicely.

  9. Love the earrings and that necklace with the resin flowers is just gorgeous. To bad the bracelet didn't work out, but what a wonderful way to repurpose it by making it a window decoration.

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