Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Time To Stitch 6

Welcome to the ATTS 6 reveal, hosted by the wonderfully creative duo from Therese's Treasures and One Kiss Creations.

(I'm writing this early and scheduling it to post on the appropriate day because I'll be crunched up uncomfortably on the second leg of a VERY long haul flight on the reveal day so I won't be able to have a look at any of the other blogs until I find an internet cafe.)


For this hop we were challenged to create something from a graphed chart, word chart, or picture chart using peyote, square, RAW, or brick stitches.

I got a little over ambitious with my project and decided to create my own chart, by hand, from a picture. This is the picture I chose :

It's a bit fuzzy and I can't remember where it came from (I really should do a reverse image search so I can credit the photographer) but what a pretty face this little fox has.


I downloaded a blank 2-drop peyote chart from firemountain gems (you can find it here) and meticulously coloured each bead until I was happy. This is my completed chart :

You are most welcome to use this chart for your own beading creations but please don't copy or publish the chart in any shape or form, changed or otherwise.

(NB There's only supposed to be 7 basic colours; green, black, orange, yellow, white, brown and red, but because I did it over a few nights I occasionally forgot which particular shade of a colour I was using.)


I realise that there are applications and software out there that could have automatically done this for me but I wanted to work from grass roots just to see if I could. Only problem was that it took me so long to create the chart that I needed a break from looking at the flippin' thing!


One day I'll be able to look at foxy again but meanwhile my fingers were itching to actually get to beading, so I bit the bullet and used a chart (this one) from my favourite chart-lady on etsy (wolfdendezigns).



I know! Complete anti-climax (giggle)!

These little phoenix (what will be) earrings took me seemingly forever - brick stitch is my nemesis and I either avoid it completely or convert it to peyote - so I am very happy that I actually finished them without throwing a complete tantrum. (And there were a few tanties and some interesting language along the way when I was working on my foxy chart).


Thank you so much to the wonderful hostesses Therese and Christine for including me.


Please be sure to visit the other participants blogs for significantly finer makes than mine! Thanks for popping by xxx


List of participants:

1-Therese Frank (Host)

2-Christine Altmiller (Host)

3-Cynthia Machata

4-Samantha Wescott

5-Karin Slaton


7-Dagi (Kokopelli)



10-Karin G.

11-Becky Pancake

12-Ana Cravidao


14-Debbie (Kepi)

15-Nelly May (you are here)


17-Sally Russick









  1. Your chart is absolutely amazing, what patience you had, but the result is definitely worth it, I can't wait to see it in beads.
    And I love your phoenix earrings, they are beautiful.

  2. Wow ~ Just painstaking creating that fox chart was enough! Then the added bonus of the phoenix rising...gorgeous! I like that you kept the same colors in both the chart and the brick creations :-) I am off to look at the links you provided now.

  3. ha - you totally got us! I was waiting for that little foxy face, and turned out to be gorgeous eagles :) LOVE those!! isn't it funny how one stitch just haunts us? mine is herringbone for some reason ... I start to hyperventilate when the beads don't lock in... now brick ... they all lock and load - LOL

  4. Oh, you made me smile, Penny!! That little foxy is gorgeous and I hope you'll make it and show it. However, the phoenix earrings are definitely a showstopper.

  5. SO impressed with that chart! Foxy will be quite an undertaking, and I would love to see him when you finish. I actually like brick stitch once I get past the start - I"m with Antiquity...herringbone is the stitch I try to avoid! But glad you stuck with it, because those phoenix earrings will be real attention-getters.

  6. Hi Nelly May,
    Thank you for participating in ATTS 6 and I hope that you will join us for ATTS 7. Wow you did an amazing job on the Foxy graph. I am with everyone else and can not wait to see it beaded it is going to be gorgeous. I love the Phoenix Rising earrings they are beautiful! Brick stitch is my least favorite stitch the only time I really use it is when I am putting on a finishing boarder on a bead embroidery piece or going around a round object. So kudos to you for finishing the pair.

  7. Hi Nelly May, Your foxy chart is fabulous. Kudos to you for designing it. I too will be looking forward to seeing your fox when it is done. I did a chart for a lion for my bead-it-forward quilt square. I used a google image and sized it to my graph paper, then I cut out the face and laid it on the graph and roughed it in. Next I cut out his mane and roughed it into the graph. Finally I used colored pencils and completed my chart. I enjoyed the process and I will do a post with it in a few days. I found the process fun even if it took a couple of tries to get the right size. Your earrings are wonderful too.

  8. Wow what a big job, your chart is gorgeous! I love the earrings so bright and cheery!

  9. You are so ambitious to try (and succeed) at creating your own chart! I love the earrings you made. The colors are fantastic!

  10. that amazing, that you made that chart from scratch from a photo! Well done! The earrings are pretty cool too, well done on taming your nemesis!

  11. Your little phoenix earrings are great (I don't care for brick stitch either! Takes forever! ) and that fox pattern is amazing!!! I hope one day you will be able to bead the little bugger!!

  12. Your fox chart is amazing, I hope you do go back and make it. I used to love to spend hours creating patterns. The enthusiasm I felt in the design stage would sometimes lessen to the point that I had no interest in actually making the darn thing. I hope that doesn't happen to you. The phoenix earrings came out great. I bet they will look amazing on - I can almost see the fringe moving, so sweet!

  13. I'm sorry I'm late visiting your blog. I think you are very talented for creating a bead pattern from a picture. I'm sure you'll bead the gorgeous fox someday. Your earrings are beautiful, I find it funny that you don't like brick stitch because I avoid it too.


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