Saturday, 10 October 2015

JKD's 9th Do Over Reveal

Welcome to the 9th Do Over reveal, hosted by the multi-talented Jeannie K Dukic of JKD Studio. The blog hop where we reluctantly dismantle a retired piece of jewellery made by Jeannie and (hopefully) make something new and exciting from it.

Ooh! What's in this beautifully wrapped parcel I wonder?

Let' see!

Tada! A rather stylish and modern necklace with jade, brass and one of Jeannie's vibrant swoosh pendants. (You can get your very own Swoosh here if there's any left.)


I also got a grab bag full of gorgeous goodies including a second swoosh pendant - lucky me! - and my daughter immediately grabbed it and demanded that I turn it into a clip on earring for her.

Here's the 'before' of both of the swoosh pendants together. Since they are very different colours I, very reluctantly, made the decision that I would re-colour both of them so that they matched. (Sorry Jeannie, I love how you colour your work and feel slightly ashamed that I re-did them.)

Now thatI've shown you the 'befores' allow me to present the 'afters' - I hope you like them, they necklace in particular underwent many, MANY, re-dos before I was happy!

My grungy iron-age earrings in close-up (because they didn't come out too well in the combined shot):

Metal coated and rusted à la Christi Friesen! Man I love how they turned out! Not sure if my precious little daughter is going to get her hands on these!

A couple more shots because I am in love:

I'm pretty happy with jow the necklace turned out too. I wanted a sort of gypsy / bohemian / moroccon feel. The seed beeds, jade ovals and stone rondelles from the original design were used along with a soup of seed beads and copper wire from my own stash.

I wrapped two of the jade ovals with copper wire, to provide a focal point, and decided to make my own chain because the chain from the original necklace, being brass, didn't seem to match nicely.

A close up of my home-made copper chain and clasp:

I'm really pleased with how well the necklace hangs when worn, although the copper wrapped focals do insist on rotating to the less interesting side!

Although I had plans for the chain, clasp, remaining seed beads and rondelles I ran out of time before the reveal. They will all get used though - work is in progress!

Many, many thanks to Jeannie for her gracious generosity and to Kara for organising it all.



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  1. You definitely achieved a Bohemian appeal in your necklace. Great job on the remake!

  2. definitely achieved that Bohemian look. I love it and your chain is outstanding! I love the earrings and how they came out...Great job on your remake!

    1. I really enjoy making chain, very satisfying. Thank you xxxx

  3. Penny I love, love, love the new look of the swoosh pendants. Excellent job. I'm really into grunge. I think it's cool you were brave enough to "re-do" them for the Do Over. Ha. You nailed the "gypsy / bohemian / moroccon feel" and I love your copper swirl chain. Thank you so much for all your support and participating in the Do Over Challenges over the years. You're a gem, a beautiful, grungy gem. XO

  4. Outstanding design Penny. Your copper chain is great and the colors in the seed beads really make the jade pop.

  5. I'm loving how you wrapped the center beads to make them a focal!! The dangles are gorgeous! I love it!

  6. I LOVE what you did with your "before" piece! You totally rocked the bohemian/Moroccan look and's all scrumptious!


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