Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cranberry Kit-A-Month - January

It's been a tough couple of years so to give myself something regular to look forward to I have joined a kit-a-month thingy being run by someone who makes me smile - Jo at Cranberry beads (


The kit of the month is operated in conjuntion with Starman Inc. who provide their resellers with a (print only) pattern every month that incorporates their funky shaped beads.


January was the gloriously serpentine Hilltop Promenade by Nichole Starman. This is what it should look like:

And this is my attempt:


From a different angle:


This is actually supposed to be a bangle but I had terrible trouble getting the tension right so I opted to make it as a bracelet instead. I've yet to find or make a clasp that I am happy with so it's still officially a WIP until I do.
The tutorial is easy to follow but does leave you with a lot of threads to work in and, as I said, it is very hard to get the tension and sizing correct. Like many of the others doing this kit I wangled the pattern a bit and only used one thread - it makes it soooo much easier to control the tension.
I absolutely love my scaly little make. I love the colours chosen by Jo, I love the design, I love the tutorial (with a few tweaks). Can't wait to get started on this month's kit - Cordone Le Vie by Kim Rueth.


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