Saturday, 16 February 2013

Zonked Zaturday

After seemingly endless weeks of increasingly hot and humid days with no rain I am thoroughly worn out and would kill for a long, deep, bubbly bath <sighs with longing>.

Those small niggles associated with not being connected to mains water have become big pain-in-butts with no rain for so long. Selective loo-flushing, 30-second-once-a-week showers, 60km round trips to the launderette and no drinking water means I am truly living up to my Smelly Nelly moniker. And being a delicate skinned European import I sweat like a hairy docker in the sweltering Aussie heat.

Yes I am a big sweat-dripping bag of good old fashioned grumpy whinges. Truly a joy to be with at the moment!

I had a moment of "woohoo! I'm gorgeous" the other day though. Went to pick up eldest from school, and to keep cool (& save on washing) I've been wearing loose floaty skirts and umm, let's say saving my underwear for special. I Walked past some sparkies to some cheeky smiles and floated around the playground relishing the breeze on me bits n bobs.

I pick up my gorgeous son (affectionately known as Evil Monkey Boy) and on way past sparkies get an actual wolf-whistle. I remember those! All puffed up with "someone fancies me even though I am sweaty betty with coffee stains and hairy pits" until we get to the car. EMB pipes up, "Mum, I can see your bum". Oh yes, somewhere between home and school my skirt has developed a hand sized rip in the seam over my right buttock. My entire butt cheek is clearly on view, visions of how gorgeous I am come crashing down and burning red cheeks of embarrassment take over.

How many Mums and Bubs got a clear view of my big ol' butt cheek I wonder? Aaargh!

All these minor niggles and big embarrassments have left me utterly zonked out with zero urge to do anything. But when I came across this goal setting method on facebook this morning I thought "you know, I could probably do that without sweating anymore than I already do". So I am sharing this motivational piccie with all those of you struggling through this nasty little fire season too.


Keep safe, keep cool and find time to go a little nuts. xxx


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