Monday, 18 February 2013

Brief look at my attempt at soup...

Just so you can compare.


I think I did OK with the colours but it's certainly not on a par with what Karen sent me.

I'm finding it a really fascinating journey. Hopping around to look at the bead soups other people have created and getting a brief glimpse into their lives, dreams and thoughts at the same time.

My better half is finding it very difficult to understand why I'm so rapt with BSBP - which surprises me little since he & I met through work.

His mind is still required to create within strict rules. And yet he is currently embarking upon a very similar journey.

Not bead related, a much more typical 'manly' themed project but it elicits the same excitement in him and he is engaging with new people and learning new skills.

Despite our projects seemingly being worlds apart we have daily show and tells with each other.

These things keep us young and alive and I hope our passions inspire our children to constantly look for the new and find pleasure in the smallest of things.



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