Monday, 11 March 2013

BSBP : A selection of tasty soups

I've finally got a bit of space and time to do some blog-hopping and eye-up some of the wonderful bead soups people have created. Here'a a wee selection of some of my favorites - click on the blog names to take you to the respective blogs for more info (let me know if the links don't work):

Artistry HCBD : Mmmm, look at those beaded beads and rich colours.

Lamplight Crafts : Turquoise is definitely the in color at the moment. Check out the fabulous glass swirls and how the color palette has been chosen to match.

Cobblestone Lane : The only other Penny in the BSBP! More turquoise, but this time matched with warm metals. Beautiful combination.
The WiggleButt Blog : Gorgeous earth and forest palette coupled with lovely nature inspired components.
Beautifully Broken Me : Beautiful, beautiful components and a burst of red and sky blue.

Mrs M Makes : Of course all soup requires a spoon. What an amazing handmade component!

Ida Louise Jewelry : Love this selection of old golds, peaches and browns and look! Some of those fabulous bicone beads that were in my soup from Karen Mitchell!

Beads, Fibres & more Goodness : Wow! A veritable cornucopia!
Pipa the Latest : Beautiful colour palette.
Stringing Fool : Lovely warm pinks and interesting shapes.

I could go on and on and on .... and I'm sure I will on another post!

So inspiring. What I find really interesting is the similarity in colour palettes and materials. Lots of turquoise, dusky peaches, earthy tones and natural or nature inspired components. A collective mind at work or are we all unconsciously influenced by fashion trends? Fascinating.

Fair to say I'm loving my first BSBP and am wriggling like an impatient five year old for the first reveal. Are we there yet? What about now? Are we there now?!?



  1. Nelly Mae-What a neat idea to show bead soups on your blog! Thanks for including mine as a favorite. I have enjoyed visiting blogs and seeing what everyone sent and got!

    1. I'm constantly amazed at the variety of beads and components - I suspect if I won the lottery my family wouldn't be able to move for fancy beads.

    2. Hey there Penny! I think 2 Pennies are better than 1 lol. thanks for stopping by . I agree with Linda ..great idea to share soups. My partner was so generous I have been so busy trying to use all of the beads she sent. Back at it, have a wonderful week and i hope your weather is better than mine!


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