Wednesday, 27 March 2013

JDK's 5th Do Over Challange

I made an unconscious decision this year to exercise the much under-used right side of my brain and have been getting seriously into the whole blog-hop phenomena. Yep, I've signed up for another one!

The Do OverChallenge is run by the fascinating Jeannie K Dukik and involve re-jigging a piece of Jeannie's that she considers un-sellable.

Now I would post a before picture here but I actually adore the piece that Jeannie has sent me and I suspect that I'm not going to make huge changes because of that. So you'll have to wait for the reveal day on the 21st April! If you are in the USA there is still time to join in - head over to Jeannie's site for more details :

Jeannie creates some pretty unique beads, components and jewellery, but this is harldy a surprise, she seems a unique person. Have a look at her 'Jeannie Who?' section. Wow! Writer, athlete, hairdresser to the stars, incredible dramas, an eclectic range of talents. The kind of lady you want to sit down with a huge pot of tea and question for hours. I'm not sure I'd ever be as comfortable sharing so much on a blog as Jeannie does but I'm certainly glad she does!

Thanks Jeannie for running this challange! Here's a list of the other participants so far:

Beti Horvath

Charlie Jacka


DiYana Alcalde
Donetta Farrinton

Ginger Davis Allman

Jeannie K Dukic

Kathy Lindemer

Lynne Bowland

Molly Alexander

Mary Govaars

Mowse Doyle

Penny Houghton (you are here!)

Renetha Stanziano

Rita Avila

Susan Delaney


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