Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Old Pencil Fort Cot

Recently I've been finding it very hard to find time and space to do me-stuff including blog. Y'all know how it is. Family and life are up the top on the list of important things and blogging way down the bottom!

I think my beautiful girl is feeling a bit lost and left out now her brother has started school and she's become droopy, sad and very, very demanding. So me-stuff has been out the window for the past few weeks and all but the most essential housework is just not being done (woohoo!).

Instead, me and my little bird have been creatively recycling everything into 'stuff'. She loves putting stuff together with me, loves the huge mess we make and loves being able to play with something that she made with her own hands.

This is our most recent creation - the old pencil Fort /Cot made by glueing all the pencils with broken leads and felt-tips with no ink that we've been accruing in a big ol' box for the past few years. I love my hot glue gun!

Next on our list is a giant toilet roll castle, a plastic bottle waterfall and re-purposing of the innards of a broken pepper grinder.

Yes we have a grubby, messy house and yes my other half is not best pleased about that but rather a sad looking house and happy kids than the other way round.