Saturday, 31 May 2014

Stinky Dog Beads Blog Challenge and Hop

Welcome to the Stinky Dog Beads Blog Hop hosted by Lorelei!

A few weeks ago, Lorelei picked out a gorgeous selection of bits n bobs from Stinky Dog Beads and set the challenge for us to create gorgeousness with them.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Focus On Life 2014 - Week 21

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May's Focus : In, At and About

Week Twenty One : In Quiet Moments, I Tangle.


For some time I've been captivated by the beautiful black and white art that has been popping up all over the internet. A quick search led me to and the concept of tangling.

My two favourite crafts, beading and claying, require too much preparation, attention and equipment to whip out during those very brief down-times during the day so the idea of something creative and relaxing that only required paper and pen was very appealing.

Just over a week ago I borrowed a book from the library (One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula) and 'borrowed' my better half's nice drawing pen. Instantly hooked.

I can pop my pad and pen in my bag and take it anywhere.

Anytime I can find a moment for a cuppa I can quickly whip out my tangles. If there's a 'crisis' (and there usually is) I don't have to extricate myself from a difficult stitch to go and sort out exactly who is touching whose toys or to kiss away that little hurt.

The perfect little de-stresser!


Monday, 19 May 2014

Focus On Life 2014 - Week 20

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May's Focus : In, At and About

Week Twenty : The View About The Ground


I'm very late with this post (too busy bead soup blog-hopping) but I wanted to share this family of 'shrooms I found nestled at the base of a tree in my daughter's kinder. The damp autumn weather has caused a frenzy of fantastic fungi sprouting from every nook and cranny and they make such lovely photographic subjects.

Couldn't bring myself to fiddle with the picture too much (other than to crop out my shadow) because the colours came out so beautiful in the afternoon sun.


Friday, 16 May 2014

De-Clutter 2914 - Week 20

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I had a wee bit of a sit and think this week about why I find it so hard to get motivated to de-clutter. There is always an excuse - too tired, too busy, someone's sick etc. and while all of these things may be true (and often all at once) I am not so run off my feet that I can't fit in an hour of de-clutter a week.


I've actually known for a long time what the main reason for my prevaricating is. It is this room:

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Friday, 9 May 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 19

Nutty week this week.

I have no pictures and I have a school Principal that I want to yell at but I have done a fair bit of decluttering so just a quick report to touch base with my fellow de-cluttererers.

Focus On Life - Week 19

May's Focus : In, At and About
Week Nineteen : Good Things Inside


Thursday, 1 May 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 18

It has been weeks since I've truly been able to kick back and take stock. I love my family more than anything in existence but I am human and I need a break from being a Mum and wife or I go slightly loopy-la-la.


My better-half was home nursing a cold yesterday and my littlest-one was over tired from swimming lessons so I left them both huddled in a blanket with hot drinks, chicken sandwiches and trashy TV and attempted to tackle the "Kitchen Cupboard of Horridness".