Thursday, 5 September 2013

Celebrating Autumn

I know I've been neglecting my blog of late, very tired recently, but this is just a quicky post to let you know about a wonderfully inspiring blog hop hosted by Toltec Jewels to celebrate Autumn.

And I'm excitedly waiting for some components that Anika of Pepita has made for me to arrive because they are the perfect autumn colours. You can have a look at what I'm waiting for here.

Despite it being spring in my half of the world I spent most of my life in the northern hemisphere so my heart and soul are in Autumn even if my body is not! And autumn is my absolute favourite season. The cool, long evenings and the burst of reds, golds and yellows in the trees. So if you've got time go have a looky see at the beautiful imagery posted on Toltec Jewel's blog (link below).

Jewel School Friends: Octoberfest: A Home & Hearth Blog Hop Celebrating Autumn's Splendor with Beads, Jewelry, Home Decor, Food, Friends & Family!