Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Nelly Moment

Had to share a particularly embarrassing moment I had today (hope my other half doesn't read this).

I was talking to a vague acquaintance about a doctor we both know. I can never remember that particular docs name (not that I'd mention it here anyway) she's a great doc but kinda lazy so I call her Dr Slacko.

Anyhoos a wee while back my better half had an infection on his elbow and Dr Slacko had the nasty task of squeezing his pus out. I was telling this story to Mrs Vague Acquaintance in the supermarket, but distracted by errant offspring it came out like:

"Poor Dr Slacko gave his wotsit a squeeze and his gunk came flying out and whizzed passed her hair."

Mrs Vague Acquaintance gave me a long hard stare and said "well anyway, I'd better be off now" and pushed her trolley laden with various children and food items away as fast as her little legs could carry her.



Sunday, 21 April 2013

5th Do-Over Challenge Reveal!

Welcome to reveal day of Jeannie K's 5th Do-Over!

For this challenge, Jeannie sent each of us one of her pieces that she wasn't completely happy with. Our task was to redesign that piece and make something new and spangly from it.

My problem, was that I liked my piece from Jeannie so much that I was loath to fiddle with it! A beautiful long necklace of large shiny silver plate links (I would get steel core, very substantial and attracted to magnets) interspersed with clear glass nuggets. It sparkled in the sun and attracted lots of comments with it's simple beauty. Oh yes I took it for walks and shopping before that fateful day when I got my pliers out.

Here's the before piece as kindly modelled by a random passing ballerina :

Monday, 1 April 2013

Jasper's Gems Colour Palette Design Reveal!

(Apologies for lateness, I had this set to post automatically in the wee hours of the 31st and then forgot to check. Clearly I do not know how to use technology properly, doh! Better late than never though.)

Today is the day for my first ever reveal of a blog hop challenge and I am inappropriately over-excited about it! The challange was to create a unique piece of jewellery based upon a given colour palette. Here's the palette I chose: