Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday On a Mission

In the words of James "drawn by the undertow my life is out of control" - actually that's a bit dramatic but probably like most Mum's with preschoolers things do tend to get rather messy in many areas of life.


So I thought I'd put my blog to use as a way to encourage me to make some small changes in my life and hereby launch Monday On a Mission or MOM (because I love acronyms).

There are three areas that could do with a wee kick up the botty so I've subdivided MOM into:


1) Operation : Where's It Gone? (WIG)

I swear that half my day is spent looking for something that is no longer where it is supposed to be.

Yes, it's time for a proper Mummy tidy.

Not a hubby "bung it in any old box" tidy or an offspring "if Mum can't see it then I've tidied up like she asked" but a proper put-it-away-where-it's-supposed-to-go tidy.

This also means (gasp of horror) getting rid of stuff we don't use any more. This is always a secret ops since all THREE of my family have tantrums if I want to throw out that old, broken baby toy or, heaven forbid, want to sell the pram we have not needed for three years on ebay.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a big offender here too - I hoard anything I think might be useful - empty bottles, cans, loo rolls, wool, beads, fluff, sparkles, broken watches, old shoes etc. So time to clear out my "useful" stuff to.


2) Operation : Un-Finished Object (UFO)

'Fess up. Who of us has not got a bunch of half finished projects? This has become a bit of a problem since in amongst my UFO's is my Sister's birthday present (supposed to be finished and with her 2 months ago), my great-niece's christening present (ditto), my Dad's Father's Day present (1 month ago) and a wee something for my Brother and Brother-in-law (both 1 month ago).

Unfortunately the only one I can find is my Sister's which leads straight back to Operation WIG.


3) Operation : Get A wee bit Fitter (GAF)

I'm not sure if it's just me, but my kids often bring home new and exciting things from school including every conceivable germ going. And then they give it to me. The rest of my family shake off these bugs like water from a brolly while I slog on for seemingly weeks, creating new and even more disgusting illnesses from the original germ. I am a walking germ warfare factory. Yes that's me breeding snot germs above.

I figure that if I can get just the teeniest bit more exercise in then I might (a) stress less, (b) sleep better (c) maybe get ever-so-slightly fitter. And these three things combined may give my immune system a much needed boost.



Check back in a week to see if actually got off my bum and started any of these things. Why not join me with your own MOM?


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