Thursday, 6 February 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 6

Well I have to admit that the past week has only seen me de-clutter one toy to the charity shop. Not a very good effort! I did have plans to tackle the area under the kitchen sink and finally investigate what I hope is an ant colony behind it (and not termites) but . . .


Saturday : Simultaneously the kids woke up early and gorged on sugar laden snacks that I'd thought 'd got rid of and a thick swarm of flying termites descended on our house. So at 7:30 in the morning two evil monkeys were tearing up the house whilst thousands of termites crawled through the roof, dropped their wings and fell on our heads. Yuck!

Image by United States Department of Agriculture - License: Public Domain


Sunday : Sick of hoovering up squashy little brown things we escaped the heat and let the evil monkeys loose in the nearest air-conditioned shopping centre to spend their Christmas money.

Monday : For the first time this year both kids were in school at the same time. I thought about getting some housework done ... but instead I greedily lapped up those three hours of solitude with uninterrupted blog-hopping and book reading.


Tuesday : Youngest, exhausted from school and dancing the previous day, was stuck to my side and after catching up on chores I settled down for a cuddle and let her fall asleep on me until the boys came home. Oh it was lovely!

Blimey - my butt is ENORMOUS!
Blimey - my butt is ENORMOUS!
Wednesday : Youngest and I spent most of the day dancing - thinking that I would most definitely spend my next child-free three hours (thursday) de-cluttering and dismantling the kitchen sink. My thighs and ENORMOUS butt will thank me!

Thursday (today) : Car has gone kaput. So I'm sat in mcD's writing this waiting to ferry my family about from work / school / kinder in the big car while my precious, cruddy old car is at the doctors.

. . .

Despite termites coming out of every orifice and kids n cars not doing as they are told it's been an extremely fun, unproductive week.



  1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Termites? You poor thing! I battle scorpions every spring and summer, but mostly just around my back door and outside - hope you get rid of them soon! Glad you got some great "kid time" in this week - the cleaning can wait. Happy Thursday - Tanya

  2. Suddenly I'm glad I live in the land of Ice and Snow. No termites or scorpions here. I get invaded by ladybugs in the fall though. Okay, so they aren't Real Ladybugs, but rather those Japanese Beetles that look like them. Not a real problem and though they are capable of biting, I've not ever been bitten by one, ever. Good luck with the termites, and do keep us posted on that situation!

  3. That is just numbing to the mind, waking up to that kind of sight. I guess this is a fine time to think up possible solutions to keep that from being par for course. Here's to termite-free days ahead. Cheers!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest, Inc.


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