Thursday, 13 February 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 7

The past couple of weeks have been a wee bit fraught with most of my time spent away from the house for one reason or another. But I was determined to remove some clutter. So a boot full of stuff found new homes on monday:

Even with all this gone to the nearest charity shop the house did not look even the tiniest bit tidier! The bags are mainly filled with kids shoes and clothes so their wardrobes now feel quite spacious.

On one of the blogs I follow (and shamefully I have forgotten which one) the writer has resolved to get rid of at least 5 things a week until all of their clutter is cleared. I think this is a great idea. Even on the weeks where I can't even find the time to hoover I am pretty sure I can manage the "five things" rule. (As long as the rest of my family don't add more than five things a week to the clutter!)

I am hoping for a nice big, long cloud burst in the next few days to damp the fires and fill our tank so I can spend a bit more time at home to get stuff done next week.


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  1. That would be my problem...remove five things, family members add ten. Make a family rule...if you want something new, you have to part with something old. Or maybe even TWO things go for every ONE thing that comes in.


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