Wednesday, 26 February 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 9

This week was PANTS!

Just about the entire family is or was sick so apart from a major amount of yucky washing (vomit, wee, massive nosebleeds) anything I did had to be sitting down so I could simultaneously cuddle and sort.

So much to everyone's dismay I emptied out every undies drawer in the house (except mine) and removed anything with holes, broken elastic, too stained, faded or too small. There were many cries of "no!" to which I responded "it's just blooming pants" and by the time I finished we had filled an entire garbage bag with holey undies.


Aside from icky washing and sorting undies this is what I have been doing recently:

...trying to tempt poorly wee 'uns into eating rocket ship shaped food.



  1. Did the rocket ship work? Sorry about the illnesses...NO fun for anyone. Hope you're all on the mend SOON!!! Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  2. Sounds like that illness has traveled around the world this winter. Not fun. Had it myself at the beginning of the year.
    Maybe if I cleaned out my undie drawer, I'd be able to close it more easily. Do you think? LOL
    Love your rocket ship sandwich. I'm hope the wee ones were able to get it down, and keep it there..... I think it's so cute though, that I may have to make something similar for my grandsons when they visit. Thanks for showing us that. I never would have dreamed it up on my own!


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