Sunday, 9 February 2014

Focus on Life - Week 6

February's focus : Cabin Fever

Week Six : Quiet Calm

In stark contrast to February's theme I am aching for some home time. The super-hot dry weather has made for ideal fire conditions and we have spent the past few days on edge and leaving the house to hang around in safer areas.

Because of the frustration of trying to keep everyone safe, fed and entertained I really thought I wouldn't find a subject suitable for this week's prompt.


But while we were hanging around elsewhere "just in case" today there were two opportunities that spoke of "quiet calm" to me.

The first was my daughter capturing a dandelion fairy to share with me while I was sitting in the shade with a well deserved coffee watching them play:


The second is a moment I shared alone with a kangaroo (I escaped for my family for a few minites). Both of us sitting watching the other as if thinking "I know I should be scared and move away, but it's too blinking hot for all that fussing."

Here's hoping for a cooler, safer week and wishing for a decent downpour so we have some water to wash, cook and flush the loos with!



  1. It's nice to find the calm in the midst of chaos. Your pictures speak well of this. Please stay safe and cool!

  2. What a great post - wonderful images and wise words...
    I hope you all can manage the heat - I'll be praying for cooler temps for you and your precious kids!
    Blessings x
    btw Your time with the kangaroo is just amazing to me... Reminded me of seeing a lioness in Kenya in similar conditions - I know I should have been terrified, but she was suffering from the heat as much as me :)

  3. Wow! This is a great post. Love this kangaroo. And the dandelion really speaks to the theme this week!

  4. Such a sweet photo of the dandelion fairy - quite magical! I love the kangaroo - what an amazing story - hope things cool down a little for you soon.

  5. Hi Nelly,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my kitty Cheops. I'm praying you receive some significant rain and cooler temperatures. Wonderful photo of that kangaroo! It was -4 here today!

  6. Love the dandelion fairy...what a beautiful photo. AND THE KANGAROO!!! THAT'S something I don't see in Las Vegas - sending thoughts for rain your way...Happy Sunday! Tanya

  7. Dealing with extreme heat is just as difficult as our extreme cold. I truly hope you get rain and cooler temps very soon. Like everyone else, I love the picture of the kangaroo. Not something we see here!

  8. I like the calm of the kangaroo and wish you your cooling rain and weather.

  9. I do hope you get some rain and the danger of fire in your area lessens. That must be stressful. I am glad you found a little calm time.

  10. Loved seeing the photo of the kangaroo. I had another friend in Australia who was a photographer, and when I asked why he never posted pictures of kangaroos, he said they were so common that there was nothing special about them. I reminded him that the rest of the world didn't feel that way. I just love the idea that this one was so calmly laying there, even if it was really just too darn hot to move.


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