Thursday, 6 March 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 10

The past few weeks have seen full blown germ-warfare in our household with various forms of flu, gastro and nasty allergic reactions. To top it all our septic tank went kabluey and erupted poo-water everywhere. Yuck!


Never-the-less I thought it was time to start tackling the worst area in our house, the dreaded 'family room', even if only in a small way.

So with plentiful fluid and rest breaks I put things in their proper place, put them in the bin, took them to the charity shop or relocated them temporarily elsewhere.

I did just enough so that we can walk in the room without squeezing around things or treading on stuff. Then I fell asleep. A pox on ye gastric flu!

While I was doing my meagre de-clutter I came across 3 empty bubble bottles and thought "coo, if I chop those up into little rings I could make something spangly".

Seriously sore fingers, hands and forearms later I had a whole bunch of scraggy, unimpressive looking plastic rings. I wanted to bin them straight away but my daughter was very taken with them and spent a good hour playing with them.


Then she got bored and binned them herself. Ah the fickleness of youth!


Let's see what everyone else has been up to:





  1. You made good progress on your family room this week. I hope you are feeling well enough to keep moving forward with it this week.

  2. You did awesome! The change you made to the family room is impressive!

  3. Im currently suffering through my third bad bug since the beginning of the year and I'm totally amazed at what you managed to accomplish. It wore me out just looking at the pictures. I've got to have a nap now! I do hope you found a way to reward yourself for all this hard work!


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