Friday, 7 March 2014

Spiral Netting Focal - Free Tutorial

Back in January I participated in a great blog hop titled "A TimeTo Stitch 4" and created a punky sort of necklace with a spiral netting focal and chevron strips.

A lot of interest was shown in the spiral focal which was based upon a tutorial in Russian I found at which I think is a site for beaders to post and discuss their work.

I found the instructions a bit hard to follow so I ended up drawing myself a bunch of diagrams so I could work out the thread path.

So here is my interpretation of the swirly netted focal, tidied up for its public appearance. Comments, critisism and suggestions welcomed. If I've done it right you ahould be able to click on each section for a closer view:




Enjoy xxx



  1. Wow this looks absolutely marvelous. I am going to make one and let you know how it goes. it does look like the instructions were a lot of work - THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you, Penny. I'm going to make one.

  3. Quite beautiful will try ty joining blog will in vite friends ty for pattern


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