Friday, 21 March 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 12



Yep, we've been tackling four HUGE boxes and a tableful of old papers this week.


Apperently we felt it necessary to keep all leaflets pertaining to pregnancy fitness classes, politician gumph, supermarket specials and random nonsense as far back as 2002.


There were cards for people we couldn't remember, there were card to people we don't know and we have no idea how we got them. Years upon years of utility bills, un-opened statements and marketing gumph, instruction manuals for things that have long since bitten the dust and a whole lot of spider skins, dead cockroaches and sleeping millipedes. Nice!


Some of the spider skins were extremeley impressive but I wasn't allowed to keep them :-(


Only one box was mine and from that I've only kept a small folder of tax related stuff and a small folder of immigration related stuff.


Three boxes, two full drawers and a big bag full were my other-half's and, looking deeply pained as if he was pulling his toe-nails out one-by-one he managed to cull that down to one box. Very well done for Mr Hoarder Extra-Ordinaire!


What remains is divided into that which can go straight in the recycle bin and that which must be shredded first.


We don't have a shredder and I don't see the point in getting one (since the affordable one's can run for about 2 to 3 minutes then need to cool down for 40) so I am waiting for a cold day to bung them all in the heater and set fire to the lot of them. Not the best solution I know.


Getting there!



  1. I'm still ignoring that box that sits behind me. I know I need to do it as I've forgotten what I put in there and since it all came off my desk a few months back, there may be something that needs action that is long over due. I'll get to it.......eventually.....I'm sure. But when? LOL Good luck with your pile. I hope you find a way to deal with it that does not entail piling it someplace else as I did, when I stuck that stuff in a box.

  2. I love a good bonfire! It sounds like you can have a fine one with all that paper. *smile* Moving forward, DON'T KEEP ALL THAT STUFF! Get rid of it, except for the important things, as soon as it comes in.


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