Friday, 28 March 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 13

I had a rest from major housework this week since we are all a bit tired. De-clutter was replaced with some much needed therapeutic clay play.

My four year old made a platypus and snake (top left), a shiny big bead (top centre), and two sharks (top right). My six year old had ants in his pants but did manage to make a book mark (bottom right) and the rest are my WIPs for a clay swap.

We also found a dead dragonfly that the kids wanted to somehow incorporate in the clay but I think we might 'resinate' him (encase him in resin). He is rather gorgeous and delicate.

Also got very excited because my bead for the Colour Of Dreams blog hop arrived. A beautifully finished polymer clay little gem. Beautiful isn't it?


I don't expect much de-cluttering to happen in the next couple of weeks. It's the last week of the school term next week and all the extra activities that involves, there's a huge back-log of laundry to catch up on (we ran out of water again) and then we've got a week at the sea-side to recover. Woohoo!


I wonder how much de-cluttering the others have managed?





  1. Sometimes play is more important than de-cluttering. It looks like you all had fun. I love the polymer clay bead you received in the mail this week. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you make with it.

  2. Like you, I didn't really clean out anything this week but did get back into the arts. We deserve a little rest. Right?


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