Sunday, 15 May 2016

2016 Swap N Hop Reveal

Welcome to the highly anticipated 2nd Annual Swap 'n' Hop reveal!

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this swap.

Our hostess (Linda Anderson of and her helpers have been tireless in creating a friendly and fun environment and I would like to thank them profusely for all of their hard work.

And I have a fantastic partner, Rebecca White of, who is talented, warm and a pleasure to get to know.

There are lots of wonderful blogs and creations for you to experience so I shall limit my waffle and get right to the reveal!

This is the glorious stash of goodies my partner sent me. Perfectly balanced, gorgeous colours, I got super excited:


Pretty dang sexy selection huh?


And this is what I have created so far - it was all about the fringe for me:


(The gorgeous clasp is waiting for me to finish the necklace to go with the coral pendant.)

The straps of my "Mermaid's necklace" are based on "Sleek in Silver" by Hatsumi Oshitani (Beadwork Oct/Nov 2011) and I used netting to bezel around the gorgeous ceramic pendant (by Michelle McCarthy of



I even put a wee dangle at the back.


My "Hawaiian Skirt" bracelet is my own design and the subject of a bun fight as to who gets to wear it (me or my daughter).


As you can see, Humphrey the Vicious Killing Dog did not like being left out.


Again, many many thanks to Linda Anderson for her patience and unending good nature.


Now let's go and get us some eye-candy from the other participants:

Linda Anderson (Hostess)

Natalie Davidson

Marcy Lamberson

Kathy Lindemer

Dita Basu

Andrea Glick

Kristina Peck

Shai Williams

Catherine La Vite

Christina Hickman

gloria allen

Teresa Schurter

Maria Rosa Sharrow

Susan Kelly

Jenny Kyrlach

Michelle McCarthy

Terry Jeanette Carter

Lee Koopman

Laurie Vyselaar

Marianne Baxter

Divya N

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Johana Nunez

Kari Asbury

Robin Reed

Kristina Hahn Eleniak

Robin Lynne Showstack

Rosantia Petkova

Claire Fabian

Inge von Roos

Rachel Mallis

Sam Waghron

Lori Schneider

Fay Wolfenden

Nan Smith

Suse Stelljes

Ginger Bishop

Nelly May (you are here)

Rebecca White (my lovely partner)

Sheila Prosterman

Blanca Medina

Pallavi Asher

Krafty Max

Renetha Stanziano

Becky Pancake

Katy Heider

Deborah Apodaca

Heather Richter

Tami Norris

Brandy Scozzari

Catherine King

Kathleen Breeding

Veralynne Malone

Bobbie Rafferty

Lori Blanchard



  1. The turquoise necklace is beautiful

  2. Nelly - What a GREAT JOB!! Your pieces are SPLENDID! I LOVE how the turquoise piece looks on the bust. Just WOW! And your bracelet is DEF worth a bun fight! =) Great pieces! Thank you for joining us!


  3. I absolutely LOVE your designs and what you did with the ceramic fish pendant I made is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Wow. I am amazed at the talent and time it must take for jewelry artists, that are seed beaders to create their magnificent works of art! Jaw dropping gorgeousness!

  5. Amazing work! I can not imagine creating such stunning pieces out of such tiny seed beads! Mimic what Maria said! Well done :)

  6. Stunning beadwork!! Love all the fringe!

  7. What an amazing blue necklace the Mermaid necklace is. The tila beads and the pendant were perfect together, the netted bezel was a switch from more traditional bezels and what swing on the Hawaiian grass skirt. Fun

  8. Love the fish pendant necklace, it is lovely!

  9. What totally stunning work. i am in awe at how beautiful all of you pieces are. The mermaid necklace looks wonderful and the bracelet looks so fun.

  10. wow love what you created with the fish focal!

  11. wow love what you created with the fish focal!

  12. Hi Nelly, Your "Mermaid's Necklace" is AWESOME! I want one. I understand why you and your daughter fight over who gets to wear your "Hawaiian Skirt."

  13. Really Beautiful designs!!! I love all of the movement in the fish necklace and the fringe adds both texture and movement!! Great Job!!! Be Blessed!

  14. I love the fringe. Gotta appreciate a piece with some movement.

  15. WOW, they are both wonderful, but the fish necklace...just LOVE IT!! You did GREAT!! ~KM

  16. Fantstic ! The fish necklace is beautiful. I love it!!

  17. I have to yell it! STUNNING pieces!!!!!

  18. That Mermaid's necklace would look beautiful on a mermaid, or on me... just sayin. Beautiful work!


  19. Gorgeous designs! It's mind boggling to me to imagine corralling all to tiny beads into such beautiful pieces.

  20. The necklace is fabulous and it looks so good when worn! I definitely like the tassels, they make the design rich without dominating it! Beautiful work!

  21. The mermaid necklace is just one of the most beautiful necklaces I have seen ever. You should be very proud of that. I straps in the back are an inspiration to me. I am loving the clever design.

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