Sunday, 8 January 2017

Upon the Demise of Blogsy and Blogger

It's been a long, looooong, time since I've had the urge to blog.

And today, with that urge returning I find that my favourite, most bestest blogging app ever is long gone. No longer available, no longer supported.

Goodbye Blogsy. Loved you long time.

In my desperate search for a replacement I turned to the google app, Blogger. But nooooo!!!! Google has dropped Blogger like a stone too and left all of us ipad bloggers high and dry with minimal representation in the app store!

So now I am trialling BlogPress. A $5 aud purchase that comes with highly mixed reviews. Who knows - this may be the push that sees me swap blogging platforms entirely.

Any recommendations for mobile blog editors would be much appreciated!

One of the first things I noticed about BlogPress is the minimalist presentation (it's not WYSIWYG and there are very few menus or options) and a lack of basic functionality. For example I have yet to find a way to apply any justification to my text.

On one hand this makes it a breeze to use but on the other hand it's a pain in the butt because you have to upload your blog and view the result in a browser if you want to know how it looks.

Meanwhile I shall pop in a photo and a couple of html tags to test out how well this new app does in publishing and continue my search for a more functional editor.

Be safe & free until the next time xxx

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