Monday, 23 January 2017

2017 - The Year of the UFO

Apart from giving my blog a wee bit o' loving, I have decided that my mountain of unfinished projects needs shrinking. Drastically.

After a shaky start (2 projects awaiting supplies, 1 didn't work as anticipated and another seems to use beads that are as hard to find as hen's teeth) I actually have two UFOs well & truly finished.

UFO number 1; a kit from suddenly-can't-remember-who that resulted in a beautiful lacy bracelet. Kindly modeled by Humphrey the Vicious Killing Dog:

And UFO number 2; My first attempt at bead embroidery that I started .... 3 years ago? ... at a rather splendid workshop ran by The Whimsical Bead. It was intended to be a hair clip but proved too heavy so has found its way onto a hard head band thingummy. This time modeled by Bobby the Stealth Ninja Licky Pup:

And finally, a glimpse of Fred the Snake, who has been frogged a billionty-seven times and is currently waiting on beads and inspiration to finish him off:

Little Fred is a b*gger to photograph, being predominantly black, but he is all squashy and feel-goody in your hand so I shall persevere with him.


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