Wednesday, 8 January 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 2

This week I thought I'd tackle the upstairs closet, with no expectations of finishing it in one go since a third of the space is taken up by stuff belonging to my better half. Here is the naughty cupboard in all it's chaotic glory:

And this is only half of it.

I started to pull things out and make the usual piles : donate, keep, bin, lives elsewhere. Small progress before my little monkeys needed feeding:

Phew, beading break required!

But when I got back to the task at hand, I found that this bunch of blankets and pillows oh so recently removed from upstairs cupboard ...

... needed to somehow fit in this oh so over-stuffed linen cupboard.


Upstairs cupboard duly abandonned I emptied out all the linen and produced sacks upon sacks of old towels, sheets, duvets, curtains, and so on. Most not good enough to give to charity so the local animal shelter will get first dibs.

Now while the linen cupboard may currently be an awesome oasis of tidiness ...

... this is what has been put aside for my other half to peruse. Heaven forbid I get rid of anything remotely connected to him, no matter how grotty and old! (Still, that means he'll be keeping me for a while yet)!

One small step at a time.


How are my fellow de-clutterers getting on I wonder?



  1. Wow, you made quite a bit of progress this week. My linen closet will the next thing that I tackle. I'm almost afraid to start pulling stuff out of there. I honestly have no idea what I might find!

  2. The linen closet was not on my list, but after posting that photo of my spare room, I realized that all that extra bedding has no permanent place to reside, so perhaps I had better take a look at the linen closet too. Last time I did that it created a bigger mess than the one I was trying to clean up. Maybe next week......

  3. Your linen closet looks awesome! Want to come and do mine?


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