Thursday, 30 January 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 5

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I don't know how the rest of you feel but I am currently a bit overwhelmed at the task before me.

It seems that my de-clutter efforts have simply made a bigger mess than before :-(

To be expected I suppose since there's ten years worth of stuff hidden in cupboards and boxes and sheds and a simple task like tidying up one cupboard produces a flabberghasting amount of other stuff to sort out!

So, boxes duly thrown out, this is what is currently sitting out the front of the house waiting to be ripped up and flattened for recycling.

Sigh! I'll keep soldiering on, it'll be lovely when it's done.



  1. It is a process, not to be completed in one day or one week or even one month. But if we continue to take small steps in the right direction, the end result will be wonderful. Keep up the good work. Maybe breaking down those boxes will make you feel better. *smile*

  2. I know how you feel, having lived here, collecting and storing stuff for over 37 years. If you emptied all those boxes in one week you accomplish a lot. Its natural that there would now be various other spots that now hold too much. Tackle them one at a time. You have all year. Don't burn yourself out trying to do too much at once.

  3. Wow! You got rid of a ton of boxes and stuff! That's a huge accomplishment. Way to go

  4. I am glad to see someone else toss boxes on the porch to be do we....we are trying to empty boxes and put in bins that store much nicer and you can see whats in them...AND as we do the kiddies...we are donating toys and stuff too! Keep up the good work.

  5. Good for you, you've gotten a lot done, and it's inspiring. I was digging around in the basement looking for fabric to bind a quilt, and tossed a few old papers...and found some beads I had forgotten I I really need to say: "no more shopping until the stash is all organized"


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