Wednesday, 15 January 2014

(No) De-Clutter 2014 - Week 3

Yep, nuthin' happening this week. When it hits 30C I start to wither. When it tops 40C I melt. I break into a river of sweat making a simple sandwich. I carefully position each body part so that nothing touches. Cuddles are done at a distance of 3 metres. All activity is restricted to what can be achieved either sitting in water or laying starfish-like under a fan.

Since there's also a flurry of small fires breaking out a little too close for comfort we're off to Gran and Pop's for a couple of days. It's actually a few degrees hotter there (shudder) but much safer for fires and look at the glorious nearby lake we can frolic in.

Hopefully there will be a drop in temperature this weekend so I may, possibly, hoover! Or I may just luxuriate in the below-30C-ness and play outside. Life is too short to spend it sweating like it a chicken (as my son would say).



  1. Ha, I actually guessed what part of the world you live in by how you reported your weather. That's too hot for me too, but so is the minus 40C we had last week. I'm in Canada. My project for this week is still underway. You are forgiven for not getting anything done, if I'm forgiven for not being ready or able to fill anyone in on it yet.

  2. I'm used to the frozen north, but I worded that wrong. LOL I meant that minus 40C isn't any more comfortable for me than your plus 40C is for you.

    1. Brrrrr! I can't even imagine what minus 40 must feel like!

  3. I can't even imagine +40C (higher with the humidex I'm sure) weather, Stay safe. The decluttering will be waiting for you when things calm down


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