Wednesday, 22 January 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 4

We've got one week left of summer hols before my eldest goes back to school and my youngest starts kinder (woohoo! 3 mornings a week to myself! / boohoo, my babies are growing up).

So we've been playing lots and making a big mess insode and once the nasty fiery heat receded we went out and found sand and water to frolick in.

All-in-all no one really felt much like tidying up.
Except, for some bizarre reason, my better half, who is also known as "he-who-sits-on-bum-complaining-of-mess". Oh yes, he is a dreadful backseat driver when it comes to house work.

He leaves stinky socks in random piles around the house,

he is incapable of putting things in the bin,

he finds it physically impossible to put something back where it came from and tidying up usually means moving all the little piles of stuff that need to be put away into one gigantic pile of stuff or shoved into a box.
Oh lordy we've had some ding-dongs about tidying up in the past!
Never-the-less, last weekend he decided to tidy-up. I decided the best course of action would be to grab a random offspring and get out as fast as I could!
A leisurely shop for school shoes with my eldest and a coffee later, we went home and tentatively opened the door and ..... it wasn't too bad! Yes, there are a few piles of random stuff in boxes but he'd hoovered, mopped and dusted and told me "It doesn't look like I've done much but I've worked really hard".
You'd be proud of me. I did not once point out that it never looks like much has been done regardless of the time, sweat and effort I put in. I held my tongue and said "Thanks love, you've done a good job". However I reserve the right to bring it up at a later date the next time that "sits-on-bum-complaining-of-mess" picks on my house-wifery skills again!
Meanwhile, I've taken a leaf out of Yabut's page and started a wee bit of an electronic de-clutter. Sort of! For a long while I've been thinking about compiling some sort of photo album with images of all the patterns I've got so I can easily flip through to find a pattern I fancy.
Pinterest would be ideal for that but we don't have broadband in the sticks and i don't want to waste my bandwidth uploading huge amounts of photos. Instead I've opted to use a comic strip iPad app called "Strip Designer". So far I've only compiled a list of what's in one magazine (Beadwork) but it looks promising.
See what you think (I couldn't figure out how to embed a pdf so I've popped in a sample page as a piccie):
How's everyone else getting on with their de-clutter?


  1. You might want to investigate a program called ACDSee. You can find any picture you want in seconds, no matter where you have it stored on your computer, or even after you have put it on a disc, as you can categorize them any way you like and then search by category. I was asked for photos for a brochure once, and they wanted them really fast. I couldn't have found what they wanted among all my photos if I had not had that program. It took me mere seconds with it. They even have a free trial period.

    1. Thanks for that! I'll definitely have a look.

  2. I'm fixated on your beach picture - it is in the minus 20's here right now so that looks like a little bit of heaven to me!

    1. It's a lovely place - a local lake where they've covered one bank in tons and tons of sand to bring the seaside inland.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Second attempt with all the spelling mistakes fixed. Computer clutter is the least of my troubles right now, but I agree that eventually I will have to do some work in that department. Hey, Yvonne, it's -30 something Celcius with wind-chill factor.

    1. Flipping ada! I can't imagine cold like that! I went to Alaska one year in September and it hit around minus 15 at night. Thought my nose was going to freeze off in my little tent.

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