Tuesday, 29 April 2014

BSBP 8 - Introducing Bead Soup 1!

Since the reveal is coming up fast (this Saturday!) I thought that I had better shake a leg and introduce my two wonderful partners and the beautiful soups they sent me. So without further ado, cast your eyes over this very special soup sent to me by Hajer of My Beaded World :

Hajer created this truly beautiful soup with an Arab theme as explained in her letter to me:

Hajer's beadwork is simply stunning. Each tiny stitch carefully sewn with thought and care. Have a closer look at the beautiful stitched pendant and the perfect clasp:
And the perfect dimensions and shape of this eight-sided star:
This soup was a wonderful gift to me, all the way from Bahrain and I have had so much pleasure in creating with it. I hope Hajer likes what I have done with her beautiful gifts.
Just before I go, I want to show you the two postcards that Hajer put in the soup.
Written on the back : "I hope you have a beautiful life!"
This is my name "Penny" in Arabic.
Thank you so much Hajer xxxx



  1. Pretty beads, though am a bit confused as I'm looking for your a-z post? I'm just wrapping with a few more visits/comments to complete the challenge. I missed a few days of visiting the 5 blogs per letter while out of town. I am continuing though to blog in a-z style for the month of May
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

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