Friday, 25 April 2014

De-Clutter 2014 - Week 17

After three weeks of having all my brood (including big ol' hairy boy) all at home I am a wee bit weary.

It feels like I am a one-person fast food outlet, constantly cooking to the tune of "Mum, I'm so hungry my tummy is folding up".

And when not on kitchen duty I am entertainment manager for both the small people AND the large hairy one. All of whom struggle to entertain themselves without my input. Apparently none of them can even watch TV unless I am sat watching it with them. Gah!

On the two days I had "off" I have had to try and reduce Mount Stinky Clothes so we all had clean undies.


Eight loads of washing later, with two on the line still drying, I have been in no mood to de-clutter, hoover, tidy up dust or anything even vaguely house-worky. Mount Stinky Clothes is now reduced to knee height and I am reduced to yelling "GO AND FIND SOMETHING TO DO"!


This is what I intended to de-clutter:


Yep the "Shelf of Tormented Plasticware" is long over due a good chuck out.


So when my brood trundled off to visit Gran and Pop I gracefully declined and spent the day with my claymates doing this instead:


Next week my brood return to school / kinder / work and I will hit the "Shelf of Tormented Plasticware" and possibly the "Evil Pile of Ever Increasing Ancient Paperwork" with much, vim, vigour and colourful language.







  1. I love all your little clay faces and hands. What do you do with them?

    1. I'm hoping to use them to practice bead embroidery


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