Saturday, 19 April 2014

JDK's 7th Do Over Challenge Reveal

Welcome to Jeannie K Dukic's 7th Do Over Challenge!

Devised and hosted by Jeannie, we are all sent a piece of jewellery, handmade by Jeannie herself, that she considers tired or boring. It is our job to make-over that piece into something splendiferous.

I simply love this challenge - this is my third time - and I really appreciate the time and generosity from Jeannie so I like to really put my thinking cap on and make the most of te opportunity.


This is the gorgeous piece I was sent. Fresh water pearls and lovely chunky (stone?) bead.


Check out these perfect wrapped loops.


Now I had BIG plans for this beautiful necklace. And I do mean BIG. Involving lots of polymer clay pieces and wire wrapping. And I did make those polymer clay pieces - around 40 in all.

But when push came to shove, I could NOT bring myself to dismantle such a beautiful necklace. Couldn't do it!

One of the polymer clay pieces I made still screamed out to be included. So I got out my bestest square silver wire from Unkamen Supplies and, grudgingly, dismantled two links, and this is the end result.


Modelled by a passing cutie-pie.


For grown-ups it's supposed to sit higher like this:


I still intend making my BIG-plan necklace (after all, I have all the PC pieces already made). But I will use different beads to go with it. Watch this space!

Of the three challenge pieces I have made, this one I will steadfastly not allow to be "borrowed" by members of my family. It's all MINE! Thank you Jeannie.

Time to go and oggle all the other beautiful do-overs:

Jeannie K Dukic (our hostess)


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Veralynne Malone

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Christina Hickman

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Charlene Jacka

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Linda Britt



  1. Well it truly is not tired and boring anymore. I love that style of donut you made. The colors are so calming and perfect with the pearls. Way to stake your claim to the necklace girl and stand your ground. You go girl. You will have to share your "BIG-plan" necklace with me. Thank you so much for joining me again Penny. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  2. I love the focal it has amazing colors. I think you did the right thing just adding a touch of something to her original design. Great job!

  3. Love the focal you made - I hope to develop the skills to do something similar some day! And I would not want to dismantle the wire wraps in this either. Great choices!

  4. Love it, Penny! The focal really ties in well with the delicate pearls. Jeannie's wire work is always so nice that I never want to take it apart but so far I always have. I like your solution better, though.

  5. Your focal is great! I love it with the pearls. I have read in several do over challenges over the years that it's hard for people to take apart Jeannie's perfect wire wrapping!

  6. What a lovely focal (and model!) - I love how perfectly it works with the original wire worked chain. Beautiful job!

  7. Penny your polymer focal is seriously AWESOME. It is the perfect compliment to the pearls. I will be back to see your big necklace.

  8. I'd happily wear that anywhere!

  9. Love the focal, it really looks good with the wired wrapped necklace. I always find it hard to take apart Jeannie's wired chains since she is so skilled at wire wrapping.

  10. Your focal is lovely and is the perfect addition to the beautifully wrapped pearls. Gotta love Unkamen supplies- Ralph is the best! I also love your attention to detail in how the wire swirls mimic the swirls in your pendant. Christie

  11. I understand not wanting to tear apart good wire wraps and I really love your solution. It is definitely fresh and new with the addition of the beautiful focal.

  12. Great design and execution. A very successful makeover.

  13. Love the pendant and soft blue colors. Great job!

  14. Love the updated necklace! It has a modern and summertime feel.

  15. I like the necklace very much. Art beads are what makes a piece unique.


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